Plan to make Probate easier for your family

Plan to make Probate easier for your family
Mick Grant
Mick Grant

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The passing of a family member or a friend is unwantedly heartbreaking,  the last thing one wants to deal with through grief is legal problems. Unfortunately, when it comes to property , the death of a close friend or family member can lead to some legal trouble. To make the Probate process trouble-free, it is necessary to clear all confusions related to Probate law. In the basic terms, probate means the legal process that gives recognition to a will and appoints an administrator to distribute assets to the considered beneficiaries. Still, there is far more to it than this. 

Why should you apply for Probate?

The first reason to apply for Probate is that it lets the beneficiaries receive their inheritance. Without it, the deceased person’s assets are frozen and held in a state of non-existence. No man will have the legal authority to access, transfer or sell them. If a name exists in someone’s Will as an executor, they may need to apply for Probate, as it is a legal document that provides them the authority on the estate of the person who demised. Allows ownership of assets to transfer from the deceased to the executors so that they can give effect to the terms mentioned in the Will.

Common Probate issues

The most common issue people face is arguments between family members and beneficiaries. Complex family arrangements, unforeseen tensions and conflicts may arise between beneficiaries. Even though  many people agree to take up the role of a personal representative, some might not agree to take the responsibility; the Probate process can be delayed due to such reasons. Also to this, geographical borders  have an impact on the distribution of assets. Different laws govern different states.

Many individuals who are going through the Probate process assume they can handle the court proceedings themselves. Still, many end up making mistakes with the pleadings. When the judge refuses to sign the orders, they subsequently hire an attorney to fix the problem. The Probate process can be a very tedious task, in cases where the assets are unknown, the representatives have to investigate and track down clues to find out their location.

Mistakes to avoid while dealing with Probate

The first common error to avoid is failing to interpret the Will. If you are unsure of the contents, then it is best to take legal advice. Avoid distributing money to the beneficiaries too early. If you are the executor, you can be held legally liable for any errors that you make. Thus, it is best to receive professional advice in all areas of Probate processes. While filing the Probate forms, it is essential to provide the correct probate values for the assets in the deceased’s estate. Not providing details of assets can result in severe consequences. Another mistake to avoid is that while filling the application forms apply for all the tax exemptions that the estate is eligible for. Correctly applying for exemptions can save the estate thousands of dollars in inheritance tax.

How to make Probate simpler for your loved ones?

Create an estate plan that incorporates all assets correctly titled into the trust at the time of death; this can avoid the Probate process altogether saving time, legal fees and court costs. It is also advisable to have other nominees as representatives; this is in case someone opts out the others can fill in the role. An experienced  attorney assisting the administrations is always desirable, mainly when property exists in different states. One office handling all the administrations,  saves time and money. Capital gains are treated differently after the death of a loved one. To protect your family from significant tax liability, it is crucial to keep a record of the values of the property.

It is essential that before entering Probate, the beneficiaries decide whether the real property will be kept or sold. This helps solve the disagreements and makes the process easier. To make the process, even more hassle-free for your families, it is best to hire an attorney from the start. This will lessen the time it takes to complete the probate process. 

Many would argue that a Will is the most important document in one’s life. So, you should be proactive while going through the process to save your loved ones from a state of shock.


Making the probate process smooth for your is one of the signs of your care for them. As a result, beneficiaries can easily receive their share of inheritance without much legal battles.

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